activist, author, former political prisoner

defiance is a virtue, fearlessness is power

Book Release – March 1, 2018

Foreword by Walter “Lone Wolf” Bond

As the doors slammed shut, she walked into jail a hero; oblivious to the betrayal taking shape outside, she left jail a month later under attack by her own community. DTS is the prequel to “#uncensored: inside the animal liberation movement,” april 2018

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December 30, 2011 – Camille Marino v UF

After her first victory against UF, Marino would take possession of records and images documenting experiments to which monkeys were being subjected for the sole purpose of securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in NIH taxpayer-funded grants. Community outrage was swift. Five weeks later, on Feb. 4, she would be arrested for the first time in her life at a protest outside the school. Documents secured through open records requests demonstrate that UF paid a total of $526 to have Marino extradited to Michigan. It should be noted that at that point in time, the University of Florida was pocketing nearly $500,000,000 annually in taxpayer-funded grants to experiment on an estimated 10,000 captive animals.

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May4, 2012 – Civil Disobedience at Wayne State University

A restraining order obtained by Wayne State University vivisector Donal O’Leary sought to silence Marino, preventing her from publicly discussing how he tortured and murdered dogs inside WSU labs. This act of civil disobedience, chaining herself to the campus library with her mouth taped shut, was a response to political censorship. She was charged with trespassing for violating his restraining order and a felony, Posting a Message, for the infamous “Freddy Kruger Letter” authored by her former colleague and published on her website. She would ultimately do six months on a felony plea bargain entered into on December 5, 2012 and agree to not use O’Leary’s name online for five years.


Camille Marino founded Negotiation is Over in 2009, a global movement that took a hardline, zero-compromise approach to Animal Liberation. With local chapters on five continents with over 40 local cells in the states and abroad, the group’s main focus was on isolating abusers, exposing them, confronting them, and taking them on personally. Eleventh Hour for Animals (also called NIO Florida), Marino’s local group, focused on ending animal experimentation inside the University of Florida. Industrial abusers joined forces to eliminate the threat posed by these global activists. After Marino’s 13th incarceration, she finally took the website offline. But the struggle has never burned hotter. No justice, no peace!

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